Thursday, July 21, 2011

Treehouse: Natural, non-toxic and gentle bath time products

I was recently sent some samples for Nature Clean's new line of natural, non-toxic and gentle bath time products for children called Treehouse. And yes, they feature the characters from Treehouse like the Backyardigans and Franklin as well as Max and Ruby.

We've all been thrilled with them. Nature Clean is a Canadian company and this line is thankfully sulphate, paraben and phthalates-free.

We tried out the 2-in-1 Shampoo in Berry Blast. Annie in particular loved this one as she's learning how to wash her own hair and so it was a great experience for her.

Toothpaste for kids (100% natural) - this one was fluoride free and uses natural fruit flavouring. I like it because it does give the tinies something fun like Franklin on the outside while everything on the inside is natural.

Natural Wipes - These are alcohol and chlorine free. They are safe and gentle for Evelynn and Joseph - much better than any of the other ones I've tried to be honest. I'll be buying them from now on.

If you spot them at your local shops, give them a try!

*No money was exchanged for this review. I was sent the products for free but all opinions are my own.

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