Saturday, October 22, 2011

GIVEAWAY: A clean home (You know you want this one)


The winner is Jenn

Jenn said...
I don't mind vacuuming… satisfying so quickly…never for long though.



The nice thing about cleaning is the immediate result. You can step back at the end and say, well, look at that! It wasn't clean before and now it is. I actually accomplished something today.

I prefer to either make my own cleaning products or use natural ones. One that I have grown to quite like is Green Works. 

Green Works surfactants are made from renewable resources (think corn and coconut)—meeting the sustainability criteria of the NPA Standard. Green Works surfactants—which are ingredients that help make a product foam up and remove dirt—are derived from corn, coconut and other renewable resources. They work just as well as a conventional petroleum-based surfactant but have the added eco-friendly bonus of being a renewable resource.

Green Works solvents come from corn. The ethanol solvent used in Green Works products comes from a popular summer vegetable: corn. This natural solvent helps both in cleaning and to help bind together the cleaner.

The fantastic fragrance in Green Works products are thanks to essential oils—remember “natural” and “sustainable” are both criteria for the NPA Standard. Essential oils, such as lemon and lavender, are a renewable resource and also perform double duty by helping both to clean and give Green Works products a fresh, natural scent.

Green Works buffers are all naturally derived, too—and have never been suspected to risk human health or the environment, meeting the “safe” criteria of the NPA Standard. Green Works buffers, which help keep the PH of a product stable to optimal cleaning, are all derived naturally. Some that are commonly used in Green Works products include boric acid (a weak acid that is found in most fruits and plants) and potassium carbonate (a water-soluble white salt).

Last but not least, Green Works products have not been tested on animals during the formula development process, meeting the responsible criteria of the NPA Standard. 
All Green Works natural cleansers are made from ingredients derived from coconuts and lemon oil.  
The products are biodegradable, non‐allergenic, packaged in bottles that can be recycled and not  
tested on animals. The line includes the following natural cleaning products for use in the home,  
kitchen and bathroom:  

Available across in Canada in grocery, drug and mass retailers. 


You could win a free 3-hour home cleaning session from a household cleaning professional using Green Works products. 


Open to Canadian address only. 

Just leave a comment on this post telling me the household chore that you don't mind doing along with an email address or way to contact you if you win.

That's it! If you want to Tweet it or Facebook the link or otherwise share it for this giveaway, that's great - just leave another comment telling me that you did so and you'll get another entry.

Contest closes 31 October at midnight. I'll draw a winner using

Good luck!


  1. Yes please!!
    I don't mind doing laundry... especially in the summertime when I can hang it out on the line.

  2. I don't mind watching my husband clean the bathroom! But if pressed to answer, I don't mind steam mopping our tile floor.

  3. Sweet!! I like doing laundry, feels like I've accomplished something for a short time:):)

  4. I don't mind doing the laundry. The warm, dryer scented clothes and the folding can kind of seem soothing. I said "kind of."

  5. I personally like cleaning my kitchen - I love how clean and tidy it looks when I'm done!

  6. Oh my...I want this!

    OK. I don't mind baking and cooking:)

    But if I have to choose a real chore, I would say I don't mind sweeping or vacuuming...

  7. I don't mind sweeping the floors too much.

  8. I don't mind making the beds. It's quick and makes the whole room look so much better.

  9. Laundry, the smell of clean from the dryer always makes me feel warm and cozy! -Angie

  10. I don't mind doing laundry (but I could leave the ironing part!) and I also don't mind cleaning windows/mirrors.

  11. I love vacuuming! LOL Yeah I know I'm weird:P

    canadianangelxo at live dot ca

  12. tweeted 10/26!/xoCanadianAngel/status/129146458380312576

  13. I don't mind vacuuming… satisfying so quickly…never for long though.


  14. I actually like laundry. It's easy and I take a lot of pride in folding. I'm the QUEEN of Folding. Yay!