Wednesday, April 20, 2011

GIVEAWAY: In which I review Lime Daisy

GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED. Thanks for entering!

My friend, Aileen, moved away to Australia. *sob* I can't feel too sorry though as she's happily married with two beautiful children in Australia. Plus she's incredibly talented and creative.

She started a handmade company called LimeDaisy Design a few years ago. Specialising in Mum-friendly products, she sent me a couple of her bamboo breast pads called Daisy Pads and, friend, let me tell you: if you are a breastfeeding mama or know one, you need to GET THESE.

And you may because I'm giving away TWO sets of Daisy Pads!

Here's a quick intro from Aileen:

Hi, I'm Aileen a Stay at Home Mum of two little ones.  I love to sew and create.  LimeDaisy Design was born many years ago and has developed over the years.  The main focus of LimeDaisy Design is now Daisy Pads - Bamboo Breast Pads.  I started making them with my second child as I could not find anything that was capable of keeping up with the milk I was supplying.  So after a little research into the best materials to use, I started making Daisy Pads with a bamboo core.  They are super absorbent and super soft on your skin.  What makes them unique is the fantastic range of fabric covers that they come in.  You no longer have to limit yourself to just white pads from the chemist!  Try them, you will fall in love with them and never go back to disposables again!


I can't bring myself to use disposables.  I have tried every kind of breast pad out there and have half-heartedly settled on a basic cotton brand and it seems that they always leak through or suffocate the area.

But when I received Aileen's breast pads, I was converted. These are amazing - soft, absorbent, large enough for us large breasted women and, of course, handmade.  The bamboo core makes all the difference in the world.

Plus they're pretty darn cute.

Daisy Pads Breast Pads
  • Bamboo inner absorbent core
  • Waterproof yet small amount of breathability layer to keep you dry
  • Super soft wicking layer to keep you from feeling wet against your skin
  • approximately 11cm diameter
Bamboo has amazing aborbent qualities, said to be anti-bacterial and loves to be washed.� Pads will reach a maximum absorbency.�

Aileen has graciously provided two sets of Daisy Pads for a reader here. (The designs are Hibiscus Pink, pictured above, and the Dr. Seuss style.)

To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post.

That's it (I'm not too into making things complicated these days.) I'll draw a winner using

Contest closes: 1 June 2011
Shipping: USA or Canadian addresses only please.

Thanks, Aileen! As one of her customers says, LimeDaisy boobs are happy boobs. Ha!

** Disclosure: I received two sets of Daisy Pads for review purposes as well as two sets for giveaway. I am paying for shipping to the winner and no monetary compensation was exchanged. Also, Aileen rocks.


  1. I've had more than one panic moment with a wet shirt at work, and have yet to find breast pads I actually like. I'd love to try these!

  2. Way cool! With my first babe my breasts overrunnith, and now I'm pregnant with my second, and leaks are the only thing that I'm not looking forward to. Thanks for the opportunity to win a set! :)

  3. I used reusable breast pads with my first but these look pretty too! Awesome!

  4. Ah...*blush*...thanks Sarah - I'm glad you love them! May have to ship a load to Canada so those Canadian and Us based lovers can get some without paying shipping from Australia! So happy they work well for you!

  5. Bamboo fabric is great- and so much nicer than those disposable things!

  6. Whoa, wish I'd had these when my two were still breast-feeding. They sound great. My sister-in-law just had her second and is trying to stay away from disposables, so they would be fantastic for her.

  7. These look awesome - I too find the cotton ones from the store don't work to contain all they should. I'd love to win these :)

  8. I'm about to be a first time nursing mama and don't really like the idea of disposables. These sound great!

  9. These look and sound wonderful! I am expecting babe #4 and would love to try something a little more natural and absorbant! - Katie

  10. I'm so glad this contest is still open! I'd love to ditch the disposable pads.
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  11. I would love to try these. I tried washable pads with my first and leaked WAY TOO MUCH. But now that I am a year into nursing my second,my milk doesn't seem to be so ridiculously abundant (as in, I could seriously feed an army of babes).