Saturday, April 2, 2011

In which I feature "Discovering the God Imagination"

Book: Discovering the God Imagination: Reconstructing a Whole New Christianity
By: Jonathan Brink


From the Publisher:
Can you do something to make God stop loving you?
In this sweeping new interpretation of the narrative of Christianity, Jonathan Brink explores the remarkable dissonance between our historical understanding of Gospel and what the story in Scripture actually reveals.  It offers a compelling possibility for those looking to reconstruct their faith in a whole new way.
Discovering The God Imagination examines the details of the Garden of Eden, in light of our emerging understanding of cognitive development, to suggest a profoundly simple but provocative assessment of the problem God is solving at the cross. The author argues that the story locates the root problem very differently than we’ve previously assumed. By locating the problem correctly, it allows us to unravel the mystery of suffering, justice, and reconciliation, and actually redeem the Gospel story.
The book also explores the God imagination, an original understanding of what it means to be human from God’s perspective. By reading the story through the God’s original lens, we can begin to dis-cover our own dignity, identity, and purpose.
It suggests life is really about wrestling with and answering a single root question, symbolized in the Tree of Knowledge? Can we do something to lose the love of God? The root problem literally blinds us from seeing reality, which then drives us into a “search for validation.”
Finally, it informs our understanding of the cross, which is God saying, “This is how far I will go to show you that you can’t change reality.” It suggests the Way of love espoused by Jesus is actually a return to reality, to God’s original, objective structure for being human.

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